New Upgrades

Posted Dec 8, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
This week we upgraded our site. With it came some new visual customizations... including tweaks to our CSS. If some of the pages look funny, try hitting refresh so that your browser will load the newest CSS files (style sheet files).

Perhaps the largest change is that articles on the site now have a new address schema. All URLS (web addresses) for articles have been updated. Old URLS will still work, but will forward to the new address. If possible, all external links to specific articles should be updated to point to the new addresses.

Among the upgrades the implementation of the latest Windows Media Player. The site is now using Windows Media Player versions 7 through 11 (depending on client versions). Also... musician pages that show all music files now include links to jump to songs (see an example of use: Music Player Links).

Also, members can now control their series ordering with a new link in their control panel called "Series Admin".

More upgrades forthcoming.