New Artist Marketing Tools

Posted Dec 17, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Today we added a new page called My Marketing Tools that can be reached in each member's control panel under the link labeled "My HTML Tools". This page will give each member HTML code that will add two new tools that automatically generate content on owners' own web pages.

Hit Counter The hit counter will display a link to that member's profile on the Artistic Network as well as a numeric value that displays how often that member's pages have been displayed. It will increase every time the artist's articles, profile and events are displayed. It also increments when that link appears on another web page using the code provided. An example of that counter is at the bottom of each members' articles, profile and individual events.

*With the exception of the Artistic Network main profile, these numbers date back only to December 18, 2005.

Latest Articles This code displays an iframe lisitng that author's latest articles on the Artistic Network. It also includes a search form that produces results that are limited to the author.

To use these tools, login to your account and go to "My HTML Tools".