Join Form Updated

Posted Feb 18, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Over the last two weeks there was an error with the form for joining the site or updating member information. The error accomodated a recent anti-spam upgrade. We regret the error, but it was an unforeseen consequence of our continued efforts to fight spammers on our server.

Since our efforts have been on stopping spammers from trying to abuse our site, we opted to spend the last few weeks addressing other issues. Hackers and spammers have been attempting to send spam to our users and/or third-parties. We have not been compromised, but we have been taking precautionary measures against such attacks.

Anyone trying to join our site between February 3-19, 2006 would not have been able to join our site. This problem has now been rectified, and new members may join our site without problems.