Guestbook System Updates

Posted Jan 5, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
On January 5, 2006 we upgraded the guestbook systems on the Artistic Network. Guestbook entries can now be linked to specific documents. With the new system, each relevant document has a link labeled “Comment on This” that will post to the author’s guestbook. Also, if the author wishes, the latest comments relating to that document will appear on the page for which it originated.

Authors now have two new account options in their account settings page that controls this new commenting system.

Show Comments in Pages. When checked, this option will display comments made for that document will appear below the document. These comments appear in the exact same format as other guestbook entries. The comments will appear from most recent to oldest, and the number of comments to display ranges from 1-20, depending on the following new setting:

Posts Per Page. This is the number of visitor comments that will appear on your documents.

Comments can currently be added to the following documents:
  • Articles
  • Events
  • Profiles
  • Music Collection
  • Other Guestbook Entries

In the future, we may add these commenting tools to individual media files such as photos, MP3s and artwork.

Authors can delete any comment just like other guestbook entries. All comments appear on the author’s general guestbook in reverse chronological order. All guestbook entries that are document comments also include a link called “See Comment Stimulus” that links to the article for which the comment was intended.

All guestbook entries have the “Comment on This” link that allows guestbooks to create a form of dialogue. If a guestbook entry has responses, it will have a link called “See Responses” that will display guestbook entries responding to that entry.

The intent of this is to create a more interactive environment for artists and their fans.