More Accessibility and Viewing Preference Upgrades

Posted Aug 8, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have upgraded our site to be even more accessible for non-visual browsers. We have also added a new feature for visitors and members to control the way content is displayed.

By default, the site tries to guess the preference for anyone who has not specifically chosen an accessibility environment. But each member can specifically choose the presentation that best fits him/her.

Simply click “Preferences” at the right of every page (or at the bottom of text-based browsers). The site will then set a cookie that will remember your preference.

The two options are “Visual” and “Accessible”. By default, anyone visiting with Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator and Mozilla Firefox are presumed to want “Visual” until the visitor specifically sets it to accessible in the preferences page. All information will appear fine in the accessible environment in these browsers, but the layout and look may look slightly different.

In the accessible environment, the content of the page appears at the top of the HTML; this means that text-based browsers will not display dozens of menu links before page content.

We recommend that our members specifically set their viewing preferences via their account settings.