Major Media File Upgrades

Posted Jan 16, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have made a major upgrade in the functionality of the Artistic Network media file handling. Upgrades include larger file-size handling, more file types and better interfaces for handling files.

Most media files can now be up to 8MB in size. The exception is GIF files which have been limited to 100kb (or 200kb for visual artists).

New file formats permitted include the following:

Video files. Artists may now post MPG and WMV video files that will play in Windows Media Player on the pages loaded to. When a member loads video files, all his/her pages will now display a new link for displaying all his/her videos: videos

PDF files. Articles and profiles may now include PDF files to the site. PDF files can be categorized as “PDF”, “Brochure” and “Poster” for media types.

Flash files. Artists may now load Flash files (SWF) to articles and profiles. Flash files are displayed directly below the main content of the pages loaded to.

We have also changed the JavaScript that handles image previews to properly work in Netscape and Firefox as well as Internet Explorer. We are still working on making the media file system more compatible with the Macintosh operating system.