Major Site Upgrades

Posted Nov 16, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have added two new major upgrades to the Artistic Network this week. One is a sophisticated spam-control system that allows members to filter emails and guestbook posts sent to them through the site. The other is a newsletter system that allows members to send out formatted newsletters to a database-driven subscription list.

The new spam control feature comes as spammers are at an all-time high. The system hopes to cut down on emails generated from automatic posts (spam bots). The system further allows members to block unwanted content.

The newsletter upgrade is intended to become a powerful marketing tool for all artists wishing to promote their work in a professional and effective manner.

We have also upgraded the event system on the site. Events may now have an "End Date" if the event spans multiple days. The new "Fixed Location" checkbox is the field that turns the map generator on or off--meaning that when unchecked, events no longer need a city or street address, which may be appropriate for regional events.

Members may find more information on both of these topics in the FAQ sections of the site when logged in. Also see our Member Newsletter Policies.