November 15, 2006 Member Update

Posted Nov 14, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
The last week has seen a lot of change on our site. We just wanted to share with our members a couple of the most noteworthy changes.

First, we now have increased security on our site by adding SSL—meaning that all login and account information between your computer and our server is encrypted with the same technology that banks use to encrypt your financial information. While adding SSL, our server was inaccessible for a short while and for differing times depending on your Internet provider.

The SSL does not change any functionality, but now you may see a SSL Secure lock icon in your browser when visiting sensitive pages on the site.

The other notable upgrade this week involves posting articles. One security setting on our server automatically logs you off the site if you take too long to move from one page to the next or submit a form. That could play havoc if you are writing a long article inside the article form—because if you took too long, you would get logged off and lose your article before it submitted.

With our recent upgrade, you won’t lose your article because of time logout. Instead, you will be prompted to log back in and the article form will still have your form information (provided you previously hit the “post” button). Media files and their cutlines will still be lost, but the article will be saved.

We expect other useful upgrades in the coming weeks.