October 26, 2006 Member Update

Posted Oct 25, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012

It’s been several months since we sent any updates to our members. There have been a few changes since we last contacted our members.

First, the Newsletter Application Form is now available again. When we transitioned to the Webonizer Content Management System, the link to the newsletter application was not changed to the correct address. That has been updated and fixed.

Another new feature is that you can now select the order that your images appear in your articles even after they have been loaded. Simply login, go to one of your articles with images and change the “Sort Order” of each image. If you do not have JavaScript enabled, you will have to keep an eye having duplicate sort values for your images.

As the site has now moved to a standardized system, you may find that some of the help links go to the Webonizer site for explanation. That is because Webonizer is now going to start keeping up-to-date documentation on using most of the features on our site.

Finally, we want to thank all the members show have helped spread the word about our site and to thank all the new members who have taken the time to add their profiles, art and writing.

Keep up the good work!