June 30, 2006 Member Update

Posted Jun 29, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012

We have important Artistic Network website information to share with you this month. The main news is that we have upgraded the backbone of the site to a system called Webonizer. Functionally most members will not notice much difference in the operation of the site because the Artistic Network was programmed by the same programmer of Webonizer. For the most part, the changes are in directory structures. Some bookmarks will need to be updated. Most of the directory changes are administrative links, such as login and account pages and all pages generated by your “My HTML Tools”. Articles, photos and profiles have not moved.

Pages that have moved and need attention are:

  • RSS Feed Links
  • Newsletter Pages
  • Hit Counter Source
  • Latest Articles Iframe

Most of the old links for these pages are automatically forwarded to the new link. However, the RSS link forwarding does not work well in most Feed Reader programs. The RSS pages forward when viewed in a browser, but not when being downloaded to your feed reader. So you must update your RSS links.

There is also a totally new feature on the site for browsing media alone (as opposed to articles and topics) called the Media Browser. There is a link called Media in the Navigation Bar now that takes you there.

There were some initial errors on the site when we were transitioning the system. For a few days music files did not play. Also, there were some errors when posting articles. A few members posted articles and may have gotten blank response pages. That error has been dealt with. If anyone finds other errors, please let us know.

Some of the help pages are now out-of-date, including explanation of the Article form. The layout of the Article Submission form has changed, and it contains a new checkbox called “Full HTML”. That checkbox disables the automatic line-break of articles, allowing easier usage of HTML tags. For those who wish to use HTML, it is a good option; for the average user, it will probably be ignored.

Over the next few weeks we will be adding some new functionality to the site. We look forward to adding more valuable services to all of the wonderfully talented artists using the Artistic Network.