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Metaphysical Surrealist Painter

Lives and works upstate New York, USA.


Academy of Fine Arts ‘Nicolae Grigorescu’, Bucharest, Romania, Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Fine Arts major, Specialization: Painting
Fashion Institute of Technology, New York, NY, State of University of New York, AAS degree, Textile and Surface Design major

Selected Works:

2006- “Walpurgisnacht”, oil on canvas, selected by Leipzig Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig, Germany for the concert catalog of the season 2007/2008, page 40-41
2006-”The Unseen Attraction Force of Evil”, oil on canvas, at the Museum of World’s Illustration at Glowinski Library, Olesnica, Poland
2002- “Floral“, dye & gouache design, “Fashion Fabric International Exhibition” at The Javitz Center, Jacob K Javitz Convention Center, New York, NY
2000- ‘The Great Escape“, oil on  canvas, selected for “Eminescian Resonance in Fine Arts”, Litera International Publishing House, Bucharest, Romania
1999-”Dust, Mould & Flamingo Feather“, “The Break“, selected for Surrealistic Billows, Rodica A Petrescu, ”New Art International”, Book Art Press Publishers, New York, NY
1996-  “The Encyclopedia of Romanian Contemporary Artists”: Rodica A Petrescu, ARC 2000 Publishing House, Bucharest, Romania
1991- “ DYONISUS“, “ GENESIS”, oil on canvas, selected for “Eminescian Echoes in Fine Arts”, Rodica A Petrescu, Meridiane Publishing House, Bucharest, Romania

Recent Group Shows:

September 2008- “PARADISE LOST’,  John Milton’s 400th Birthday Art Exhibit at WILLIAMSBURG ART & HISTORICAL CENTER, Brooklyn, NY, U S A
July 2008- ‘FANTASMUS 2008’, Exhibition at GRØNNEGADE 3 SÆBY, DENMARK
April 2007- “The Annual Exhibition of The Society for Art of Imagination” at the Mall Galleries near Buckingham Palace in London, UK
August 2006- “SurrealismNow”, International Surrealist Show online, New York, NY
June 2006- A FEAST FOR THE IMAGINATION, International Show at the HR GIGER Museum and Galleries, Chateau St  Germain in SWITZERLAND
January 2005- “ Digital Art Contest”, MOCA, Museum of Computer Art, Brooklyn, NY
September 2004- “Art et Technologie, Patrimoine et Art Contemporaine” International Exhibition, Saint-Auvent, FRANCE
May 2002- “ Senior Show”, The Museum of Fashion Institute of Technology, NY, NY


Art Space 2000-World Web Award of Excellence 2007-2008 for

Award of Excellence- The Sixth Annual Art Competition Manhattan Arts International, New York, NY 1997
Diploma of Excellence- The 5th International Exhibition of Miniature Art, Art Addiction International Gallery, Stockholm, SWEDEN, 1997
Diploma of Excellence-The 4th International Female Artists Art Annual, Art Addiction International Gallery, Stockholm, SWEDEN, 1997
McLaine Fellowship - International House, New York, NY 1997
Artist-in Residence- Atlin Center of Arts, Toronto, CANADA, 1993-1994

1@IonOne, Live Magazine, Digital: Art & Technology: Sandra Miller New York, “Adventure in Immortality” screenplay for digital art film, January 2005,            
Featured Artist of the Month: Rodica Miller, The Society for Art of Imagination, December 2007-January 2008
Featured Artist of the Month: Rodica Miller, The Society for Art of Imagination, November- December 2006
Featured Artist of the Week: Rodica Miller, The Society for Art of Imagination, August 28-September 3, 2005
Featured Painting: Sandra Miller IonOne, Live Magazine, April 2006
Featured Artist: Rodica Miller, The Oracular Tree, April 2nd, 2006
Featured Artist: Rodica Miller, The Oracular Tree, September 9, 2005
1@IonOne, Live Magazine, Digital: Art & Technology: Sandra Miller, December 2004

Born and raised in Romania, Rodica Alecsandra Miller has a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in Painting from the Academy of Fine Arts ‘Nicolae Grigorescu’, Bucharest, Romania. Her third solo show, ‘The Grail’- organized by the Goethe Institute in Bucharest, Romania in 1993- brought her success and artistic recognition. The same year, she went to Toronto, Canada as artist-in-residence and saw The Henry Moore Sculpture Centre at the Art Gallery Of Ontario.

Back in Bucharest during the Spring of 1994, she started working on her next Solo Show ‘Other Voices Other Rooms’ at the American Cultural Center, Bucharest, Romania. In 1995, she wrote a screenplay for a digital film ‘Adventure in Immortality’ Art & Technology Experience, but she couldn’t find the technical support for her project.

Rodica immigrated, alone and without support, to New York, USA in 1996.
In 2002, in spite of all the difficulties and complications, she received an AAS degree in Textile Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.
In the summer of  2003, she managed to get her first web site:  and started to promote her artwork over the internet. Recently, she changed the official site address to:

A member of the Society for Art of Imagination, London, UK since 2004, Rodica has had works included in international shows at HR Giger Museum in SWITZERLAND, the Mall Galleries in London, UK, Fantasmus Gallerie Brusen in Saeby, DENMARK and WILLIAMSBURG ART & HISTORICAL CENTER in Brooklyn, NY, USA.

For her oil technique, Rodica studied the works of her favourite masters: Francisco Goya, Lucas Cranach, Giambattista Tiepolo and Nicolas Poussin.

Rodica was attracted to Metaphysical Painting that enabled her to create unique interpretations of the relationship between mind and matter. Giorgio de Chirico, Paul Delvaux and Rene Magritte were like guides for her searching soul.

She considers most of her paintings today as extensions from those 20th Century artists.

Above all, the ambition of Rodica’s each painting is to create a unique metaphoric expression and visual poetry.


       Highland Cultural Center, Highland, New York
January 1997- THE GREAT ESCAPE, McLaine Fellowship Exhibit, International House, New York, NY
                    Romanian Cultural Center, New York, NY
        American Cultural Center, Bucharest, Romania
January 1993- THE GRAIL, Goethe Institute, Bucharest, Romania
June 1991- THE TRIUMPH OF DEATH, Galeria Caminul Artei, Bucharest, Romania
July 1988- THE UNSEEN ATTRACTION FORCE OF EVIL, Galateea Gallery, Bucharest, Romania

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oil on canvas 40x40 cm