Website on New Server

Posted Dec 13, 2007
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012

We have moved our domain onto a new server. In the process we are on a new IP address ( Since we have both the old and new servers sharing the same database, there will be no outtage of service; however, since the new server is located in California and the old server is located in Georgia, there is a significant lag when viewing this site on the old server.

If you are experiencing lag, please forgive the inconvenience. The lag will cease as soon as all the ISPs and server hosts update their DNS pointers to our new address, which usually takes from 12-72 hours. If your ISP is still pointing to our old server and you login to the site, you will still be able to update information on the new server; you will not, however, be able to load any media files onto the site until your ISP is pointing to the new server.

If you need to load a new media file or wish to expedite the transition to the new server, you can point your individual computer to the new server by opening your host file (Windows machines only). You can find this file in the following paths:

Windows 2000


Windows XP and Vista


Open the host file with Notepad and add the following lines to the bottom:

After saving the file you may need to close all instances of your browser programs for the change to take effect.

We apologize for the inconvenience.