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Posted Mar 24, 2007
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Tuscan Kitchen by Linda paul
Wall of Ages
The Vineyard
Tuscany Window by Linda Paul
Are you looking for that perfect art piece that for your Tuscan or Italian decor.
Look no further because artist Linda Paul will bring the Tuscan countryside and cuisine to you in her art.

Artist Linda Paul creates original paintings, canvas prints and tile wall murals of Tuscany. Her style is a combination of "chunky realism" and impressionist painting. She will juxtapose sculpted bas-relief products of nature (the chunky part) against soft impressionist landscapes of their origins.
Example: In her painting of The Vineyard, the artist has sculpted the grapes, wine and cheese (the chunky realistic part) against their source , the vineyards and fields. Its an ode to nature and the bounty she produces.

In the painting, Tuscan Kitchen, the artist has painted a window overlooking a misty Tuscan landscape and hill town with still life of olives, olive oil, lemons & all the ingredients you need to make a fabulous black olive tapenade including the artist own recipe! There is even a hummingbird that comes to visit your Tuscan kitchen window!

Artist's Inspirations:
I am inspired by so many things! I especially like nature's produce combined with its origins. I live to travel , especially in France & Italy and many of my paintings are inspired there. I do not paint from photographs. Rather, I collect vignettes or pieces of many different things that I like, and then in my mind I will put them together into a painting.
For example: My painting, "Everything Tuscany, is a collection of all my favorite Italian things: The little fat Italian chef statue I saw in Cortona, Italy, The basket of Chianti wine bottles is from San Gimignano, the ceramic vases I actually purchased in Montepulciano and had shipped home to America. The Tuscan landscape is from a drive to Monteciano, and of course the cheese and sausages are all over Montepulciano where we stayed for a week in a tenth century seminary. The arched tunnels are typical of Tuscan villages and make fabulous sheltered restaurants and shopping areas for Italian goodies! And then I will just add other things for balance and interest, like the wine barrels and the rooster. Go to Everything Tuscany Art Print on canvas

Linda Paul will create a custom painting just for you. She also licences her Italian images & custom designs.
You can see all her work at
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