Artistic Network now has SSL

Posted Nov 6, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Our site added its SSL Security Certificate on November 7, 2006. During the process the site became inaccessible as the new IP address of the domain propagated across DNS. It may take a couple days for the new IP address to propagate to all ISPs and hosting providers... meaning that for a couple days some visitors will find missing pages or wrong pages.

As a result of the upgrade, login on the site is done through an encrypted SSL layer that means that it is impossible for login information to be captured as it passes through the internet. The site will force login through SSL, meaning that the address for login (and account edit pages) contain "https" in the address bar. Also, you will see a security lock symbol at the bottom of your browser (in Internet Explorer 6) or at the top (in Internet Explorer 7) to signify that the site is secure.

While the site has always been highly secure because of Webonizer, the SSL means that the Artistic Network has decided to increase security and privacy by providing the same type of protection that banks provide by encrypting your personal information as it travels from your computer to the server and vice versa.