The Meaning of Life, Page 1 :Who answers the question?

Posted Sep 25, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Ask a person what the Meaning of Life is and you will likely get a blank stare....or worse you will get a parroted answer created by people the person speaking has never met.

Few care about such esotaric philosophy. Most live their entire life never caring what the meaning of life is. Perhaps we should care since we all answer the question what is the meaning of life everyday.... not with words... but rather by our behavior. If you spend a majority of each day shouting at people, shouting at people is what you are spending your life doing. You live to shout at people. Shouting at people is your meaning of life. When you die that is what people will remember about you, how you always shouted at people. We can be known for good, we can be known for evil, the responsibility for who we truely are and what we really represent lies upon us and us alone.

How we choose to live our life is the working text of the script the meaning of life. We write that text daily. If we take an honest look at ourselves and find we don't like the text we are reading...we can change the text.


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