Do you have a Soul?

Posted Jul 11, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012

When your heart stops beating and your brain stops functioning do you cease to exist? Some would say of course, when your body ceases to exist you cease to exist. Some would contend that a persons being consists of nothing more than a body either functioning or decomposing.

Those who contend you are nothing more than a mass of living biological tissue have simply to say if you claim to have a soul, show it to me, let us weigh and measure this "soul".

Others would contend that the soul is non-coporeal, essentially different from physical matter which decays. I respect persons on both sides of this question and seek not to give a strong apologetical treatise of either opinion.

I do however have one question: "If we have no soul and are entirely the product of our biology why do we act so differently than our biology". Human biology works nonstop from cradle to grave multitasking complex chemical interchanges that regulate blood sugar, heart rate, respiration and the like. By contrast human beings easily get bored doing the same thing for any length of time especially if it is anything difficult and choose to quit.

Human biology actively works to prevent disease and heal its own wounds. By contrast human beings make choices they know can create disease and human beings create their own wounds.

"Human biology is logical. ordered and predictable. Human beings are primarily illogical, disorganized and unpredictable".

Human beings are different from human biology. Human beings have choice. This capacity to make choices, often absurd choices is what makes me an individual, unique human being.

So when the body dies, when the biology stops, what happens to this disorganized, illogical, unpredictable, individual, unique........soul?


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