Under Black Wings

Posted Aug 25, 2007
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Run away into the lands of dreams
Find your serenity in this perfect place
I wait here for you on my black wings
Dream a little deep as I take on shape
Needs known but never voiced aloud
I flow for you from the mists of fantasy
Your dark devil of dreams
Your concoction of lust and ability
Come get lost in my silver
Deep within my bleeding night
I spread my black acid wings
To cover you in shelter from the light
Listen to this lullaby unfold
With a hint of our blood
Deep within the roaring of our veins
With just a hint of our lust
See the long dead skulls laugh
Watch the corpse kissed faces smile
The sun is beating upon your door
Let us ignore her for just a little while
Come get lost in my silver
Taste the embers of my love
Do you see how brightly we burn
Baby, do you know what I’m dreaming of
Blood and tears, my cup of sorrow
I lift us high on black acid wings
Come now unto me and sleep
Lay still my love and just dream
For when you wake within the light
You’ll find yourself alone
With a black feather and a hint of silver
To remind you that I’m gone


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