Welcome to the Artistic Network

Posted Apr 24, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
First off we want to thank you for becoming a member of our site. We are still new, and we know there is a lot of work to get where we want to--that being the best and most resourceful arts site on the internet! But we are on our way, and already we have dozens of new talents joining daily.

We have received many letters from members wishing to understand how the system works. While we have tried to make the system as straightforward as possible, there are some areas that are fuzzy to members who are new.

Probably the biggest misconception that new members have is that by adding their profile to the site, their profiles will appear in the topic drop-down menus. That is not how the system works! The drop-down menus show topics (like "Wildlife Art" or "Journalism") that go to pages that list Articles and not Profiles. Your profile is listed in the Global Directory.

To get your work in the topics pages, simply log in to the site and add articles. When you are logged in you will find links to add articles in the links panel of the right side of every page called "Submit Article".

Another feature on the site some members have not noticed is that the Frequently Asked Questions page lists different articles depending on whether you have logged in or not. There is no reason for non-members to see information on managing accounts... so we don't display those articles unless you are logged in as a member. However, some members have not noticed that the Frequently Asked Questions page lists a growing collection of helpful articles on using and managing your account on the site. Remember to Log In to see the helpful articles.