Sergey Khorikov Art Studio

Posted May 31, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Let us attract your attention to Russian sculptor Sergey Khorikov who strives to place universal human experience and feelings at the center of his artistic creation.

Having chosen marble as the main material, he successfully embodies highest quality in unique works that are risky and challenging from a technical standpoint, painstrikingly executing the most miniature details.

By the means of masterfully carved stone, Sergey attempts to exposure the inner relation of God and Human, combined with overwhelming perfection of the world around. Sergey’s works reveal deep, sometimes torturous state of human soul, rational approach and wholesome illumination of personality’s evolution.

We would be very grateful if you kindly share your opinion on the sculptures and possibility of cooperation. For your convenience, please find a brochure and pictures enclosed.

Thank you once again for your attention and looking forward to your feedback.
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