"When I was Young"

Posted May 23, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
I sure remeber when I was young. It's a number by the Animals in the 60's and I so much still identify with this number now as I did then when I was doing it. My art work was displayed in the main office bulidings and even an artistic talent was noticed by my Kindergarten Teach Mrs. Thetiger, Whom had given me too much encouragement, as well as simple lessons in painting and drawing.

I had continued in art, every child gets crayons and water colors as I still stood out from the rest as I always still seemed to win that .50 cents for your kids to go into the playroom and quietly occupy ourselves and I used to do the best I could and usually ended up with Red Skelton quality Clowns.

I was allways much more mature for my age as at the reaching point of 16, my mother didnt understand this strange man suddenly living in her home as now I had become a stranger, no lionger her little boy and I was emmancipated and was on my own.

My art teacher Mrs Morrow had me in her classes to work on the Art Festivals and production art and to help the artist complete our work for demostations and exhibits.

Also, I attedend Mr Gregory's classes at Van Nuys high school, Whom is a very popualr art teach here in the Los Angels area and has been interviewed many times as many of his students had become accomplished in the arts.

Books and learning educate and inspire, for that reason I did what I call the master series. I included the line drawings in which I rendered the color and if any future artist would like to study Picasso, Dali or Warhole fell free to print out the pages and render your art ant any time

Sincerly yours, Glad to help anytime

Roger Cornwall

PS: In my 12 month commercial art course at Watterson College 1988 to 1990, my teacher had the students go get a Libray card to gain access to refference materials.