Thorn Bush Soliloquies; Sociopolitical Poetry by Tree Pruitt

Posted May 4, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Act Like A Patriot
I hunger --
Yet Father Time asks for more.
I mourn --
But my tears move him not.
I become weary
Of deceptions built upon layers of disillusion --
Father Time protects only himself from the thorns.

My body thin and weak,
Holds fast to Father's promise.
A heart filled with childish faith
Lay tattered on a heap of reality trash.
Burn the pile!
Yet Father Time asks for more.

It is this, and then it's that --
We children suffer
While Father Time gets fat.
Share the life, share the expense --
We are all in this together!
But Father's not on the team --
Economic heart felt sabotage.

We give --
Thorn bush harvest --
Our blood for Fathers goblet.
He feeds --
On golden fields of highway grain
We bathe --
Our fragile naked bodies
Immersed in streams of nature bane.

We grieve --
The loss of freedom fair.
I ask where is dear Father?
High a' loft in easy chair!
I say --
To all my brothers and my sisters,
That it was US
Who set him there!

What is this Father
Without his children's mind?
Empty clock on fictitious shelf
A' waiting to be whined.
Father's voice,
Now faint within my ears --
Thorn bush illusion fails sharpness power,
Through passage of fragile years.

In this thorn bush soliloquy I hunger --
My body thin and weak.
It is this, and then it's that.
What is this Father?
We give,
We grieve,
We grow!

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