April 28, 2006 Member Update

Posted Apr 27, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have not sent any news to our members in a while, so we decided it was a good idea to give a brief overview of how the Artistic Network is going.

First, we are happy to brag that some of our members have been submitting very impressive pieces of creative art to the site. One look at the front page and anyone who visits will see right away that there are some highly talented artists gracing our pages.

Not all work makes it to our front page, but that doesn’t mean that non-featured work lacks merit. Go to www.artisticnetwork.net/my_home.php to see a complete list of latest articles and members.

We have not made many programmatic changes to the site recently. We have some other updates on the drawing board, include tools to export work for publication syndications using XML along with creating new ways to browse the site via interactive mediums like Flash and Windows Media Player. Development on these features is slow because the developers behind this site are not paid for their efforts.

On that note, we want to ask all members to use our site more! Traffic grows every month, but many members have not yet taken advantage of posting articles and events; even less have used their HTML Tools designed to help market each member. For all the work put into this site, it’s sad that more members have not been adding their creative work to the site.

We have so many talented artists on the site... it's time that more use us for exposure!