my humble works

Posted Apr 18, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Dear friends ,
here are a few of my poems .hope you would enjoy reading them..
regards sheela devi


A slip of land grown dense with palms,
Is my land heaped with gloss?
It`s silver streams flux with life,
Like silver lining amidst the clouds.
A scented breeze greets all it`s men.
To sip and seek in this glorious den.
The bronze hilltops and bramble leaves,
Screams aloud of its ripened “hoards”.
Sun rays glitter the mounts and streams
Making it some celestial dreams .
The sea throws it`s pearly waves,
Which spreads along the healthy shores.
Pebbles turn with bubbly speed,
As the river flow with no slight heed.
Life is so safe ,serene and calm.
Wit bushy trees grass and palm.
The blossoming plants look so proud,
With virgin petals at their side .
The path way through the worn out leaves,
Though unkempt are steeped in peace.
The golden rays that kiss the hils,
Is a bounty blessing from the skies.
The star-lit sky that adorn the night,
Makes the river down her eso bright.
Creator the God has lavished this land ,
I thank Thee with all my mind.
On a pearly shiny hill view top,
There gin gelled on a buttercup.
She found all world an oceanic fun,
She thought the sun to be a gem.
All the flowers her sole kingdom.
She suckled all it`s honeyed juice,
And fluttered about on dappled wings.
Once she flew off down the mount,
Found a lotus amidst the pond.
The lotus looked so sweet and great,
That dazzled up her fatuous heart.
It`s pink petals billowed in wind.
It shook it`s head as if it cared.
The buttercup was so frazzled,
It flew to suck it`s juice sweet.
The slanting sun rays withered off earth,
The lotus shut it`s petals soft.
Trapped was she in the lotus case,
Troubled was she to flee and rise .
Next morning brought the lotus up,
With a smothered little buttercup.

Sitting by the window, the world looked so wonderful..
Perhaps the world was indeed wonderful.
The tiny little winsome birds and the wild weary leaves
Every thing had an uncanny presence
As if they were all trying to dance alike
For, the life to them was nothing but lark........
The myriad lives out there were making all bliss...
A pluvial morn, when I gazed out of my window
I find a twig, shaped like bow..
A drenched little bird was musing on its curve.
Shriveling against the pin like drops
It flared its wings to snuggle with a droop.
A lightning flashed against the grey span
I withdrew from the musty window pane.
The giant leaves of an unnamed tree
Sloshed its self as if to free
. ****
The nimbus moved and the sun peeped
The nature was venting off its heat
For a reason known to nature itself..
To my eyes it all looked so safe and calm.
A beauty that was lost to the world.
Rare exhibit of this nature’s whims..
A breath taking scene, a feast to my eyes
Looking out of the widow, I often muse
Locking all my misery and tears.
Blocking always my weird fears….


Oh! Spring tie thou art so spruce,
Though turns this globe prodigious.
The pluvial touch now fades aback,
To make way for a floral look.
This bounty blessing of the Lord,
Brings down her ea celestial world.
The warbling of the boundless birds,
Echoes around this colossal size.
Every shrubs puts forth their hope,
To turn these land a kaleidoscope.
The fields now shake their heads in peace,
As spring time swaps a fruitful kiss.
The silver streams springs with life ,
As if he attained his long lost wife .
All in all there is life in all,
And spring time brings hopes in full.
Oh! The savior ,don’t fade from earth,
Don’t give her back a time too writhe!


Amidst the deep set valleys bright,
Across the cloud kissed mountain heights.
A winsome stroke flew in dreamy blithe,
Abode to her was ,where she slept.
The morning rays of golden sun,
Blinked her eyes with glistening sheen.
The colorful scenes of early morn,
Breezed her being like feathery fan.
The dews that owned the bed of leaves,
Seemed to her like diamond stones.
The bramble depth of thick stemmed trees,
Blew with force to seek some peace.
Stork paused to watch their dancing plight ,
For it seemed as if they swapped secret.
Thirst and hunger soon caught her tight,
A pond of fishes brought down her weight.
Quenching ,munching she flew to sky,
With wonky speed of a rambling fly.
Night crept in and she heaved a sigh,
Then flew to find her nest nearby..


Yearning for a private nest ,
The birds flew high up east and west.
A lonely creeper lit aglow,
The lover’s heart as fire at blow.
They warbled on to that sweet hide,
To peck one’s loves with no occlude.
Shutting all the lurking gloat,
They nestled on that leafy cot.
The floral creeper mused in fain ,
The tiny birds minced off their pain.
The forest waved it`s greenly blade,
The lovers found the world in dance.
The golden rays now probed their hide,
As if to share their nuptial bed.
Nature fanned it`s scented breeze,
But they failed to see those spying knaves.
The hunters were some carefree men,
Who killed the naïve for game and fun.
Their sly eyes reached the cuddled up love ,
Shot one down with no slight move.
The he-bird writhed in crimson blood,
And came fast down with soft thud.
The brutal fate laughed in it`s might,
Then took the stilled one off to feast.
The she-bird gazed with tears in her eyes,
The sunny side spun around in daze.
She still awaits him by the dead of night ,
And sings for him with hopes so great!!

A lugubrious tree high above the lot,
Yearning for an embrace tight,
It is a sign of solitude.
From the leafy world of forest deep,
A fluttery leaf falls when ripe,
It is a sign of solitude.
A scarlet flower shakes its head
But the wind dooms a petal dead,
It `s a sign of solitude.
A flock of birds among the clods,
Finding all a bliss to the eyes,
A hunter lurks below on earth,
Aims one down for a wholesome feast,
That is a sign of solitude.
Friendship, kinship and lover’s bliss,
Frizzles to mud at death’s one kiss.
Jocund jolly friendly men,
Shrinks to viscid pit alone.
So death is a sign of solitude.
Glorious son who makes us gay,
Is loner in the Milky Way?
So HE is a sign of solitude.


Yet another morn was born,
Birds chirped to greet the morn.
A silvery streak slashed the sky,
Ushering in that golden” fly”.
Drone of nature’s usual deed,
Spanned about in forgotten speed.
Men flocked around the vendor’s stall,
To catch up on the news, unusual.
A mug of tea or a morning prowl,
Summed up the rich man’s morning goal.
The not-so-lucky gained no fun,
Their dreary chores took their entire morn.
With pricking heat and prickly sweat,
Morn and fore noon speed with haste.
Evening brings the tired folks,
Back to home for snacks and jokes.
Night ushers in a glossy look,
Sky adorns a bridal smock.
Mini screen keeps the ladies uptight,
Towards the dead of a spooky night.
Here, thus ends an usual day,
To start afresh in a similar way….


The world is large, but not to him,
The Lord is great, but not to him.
His nose tips views sums it well,
For he is the lord and master of all.
Ever at loggerheads with works of art,
He feigns he knows the gist of it
He treads the ground in lofty steps,
He pays no heed to any one’s talks.
Goodness to him is what he feels,
Boldness is just where he fails.
Wee-hour birds can’t wake him up,
For morn is when he stops his sleep.
He gives no ear to men of words,
Indeed a cursed birth of arrogance.
His irate nature has an ilk,
An alley cat that sips its milk.
Both sees no world, still feels so safe,
Unaware of their loathsome life.

Here life is a make believe magic word,
Where no one cares for any one’s needs.
A little too late one comes to know,
Belittling is the name of the game.
Science and man often join hands,
Signs off unto astonishing heights.
But a little too late man comes to know,
The buttered danger amongst their deeds.
Nature too has its own ways,
Some natural bounty to please always.
A little too late man finds these facts,
How little utilized are those resources.
Political slogans, irrational fights,
Pollutes the serene azonic earth.
A little too late these leader realize
The mettle of a peaceful land.
Loving, being loved and give and take,
Bowing to Lord in a thankful note,
Kindly lend alms and kingly spirits,
Kindles the inner glow of our race.
Little too late men accept these truths,
And `a little too late` is tandem to great loss...

A globe immersed in wanton fight
Ebbing out its redundant might,
Inmates survives as living dead..
Gliding amidst all evil deeds.
No values remain on this wicked span,
For life here is, not meant for human..
The evil has a niche for fun
hence floats all round in constant spurn!!
Decades back, earth swarmed with boon,
Showering love and peace on men.
The fain and gain soon turned to pain,
None knew the cause for all this strain
The transitional change was slow but sure ,
Like cancerous cells that have no cure ..
Once earth reveled in her luscious `gifts`,
But now wails of vandals ,that come in shifts.
Sanctity, purity fun and jollies,
Gave way for some shoddy follies.
Blatant scandals of the lowest rung,
Blaze up earth with no slight pang.
Men of `Honour`, shuns these gloating’s,
None seem to care its noxious tidings .
Mother earth crumbles in heart felt sorrow,
Distressful of a cloudy morrow.
Earth `quakes` at times to announce her distress,
Over a land she holds with terrible stress.
Mankind perishes in some futile fights,
Peace, kindles in vain to impart its lights .
Praying for those colorful past,
Peace lovers resort to turbulent wait .
This planet moans for peaceful mirth
The ozone slowly shrinks off earth…!