She Walks Away

Posted Apr 14, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Bruise my memories here in this scorched realm of past fears
As I play a one note song on a bone keyed piano of despair
An overture in broken- english screams, for pain is my Bride
Say our vows, as you turn my heart cold with your desertion

You left me damned inside were the hell is growing
You use your vanity to cut me and call it virtue and sin
So I further fall from serenity's ancient safety
Darkness gathers around the burnt ashes of my hope

Souls of winter cry as they embrace in endless hate
They swirl and tumble in the fury of heartache's vortex
Left here in this fearful place of sadness and shadows
Sweet suicide take me away from this dreadful place

I bleed tears at the sound of your deceitful laughter
Smiles falter at the eerie sound of your heartbeat
Decaying silence shattered by the crescendo of your voice
Here in this world of mists beneath a howling moon

The razor sings to me of romance and promises
I sink and drown here in my secrets and my insanity
I see you walk away dressed for the sunset of our love
Angels howl in frustration as your taloned hands kill

Your tongue of poison and opium broken promises
Nonchalantly requests parting favors of my dark desires
I mourn the principle loss of our passion and lustful sins
I die now before I give up my soul for your sex shaped prison


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