Posted Apr 5, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Standing across the room
I stare into her eyes
The gateway to her soul
The sight leaves me paralized
Run for cover if I can
Hide, wear any disguise
Screaming for my heart and soul
She drags me through the night
Rocks me untill I fall
Leaves my my body paralized
She takes me into her dark
Lost boys swallowed whole tonight
Swimming in her dripping blood
She sees into my eyes
Together we forge an alliance
Flesh against flesh, a drink of wine
Loving sweetly in the darkness
Nothing between us but the night
The angels and demons scream
Over us they wage a fight
We've beaten all of hell
And from the ashes we shall rise
We are lost in each other
To some foolish, to others wise
For all is gone and we are but one
Now into eternity we dive
Not even destiny can stop us
For rebellious freedom we strive
For we are never to be parted
Untill the end of our lives
Join in me in the dark, love please
Don't leave me alone tonight
Making love to her I feel
I'll never come down from this high
With her psycho love
I'll never, yes never be denied
Loving sweetly in the darkness
We hold each other tight
Sweating in our embrace
Kiss after kiss, her lips like wine
But now our love affair must end
We must say our goodbyes
For sunrise is now upon us
Now we say goodnight
As I awken from this dream
I rub the sleep from my eyes
For the loss of such a dream as this
I sit in the bed and cry
I feel you stir next to me
I watch you sleep in the moonlight
More tears run down my cheeks
As I now suddenly realize
That this nights dream was of you
And I pull you close and hold you tight
It was you my true love
It was you with the lips of wine


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