Carpe Noctem

Posted Apr 5, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
The blackest dusk
The darkest night
A hollow moon
Brings us to life
Rise from our slumber
Let us awake
It is time to prowl
For we are lust incarnate
This souless body
Our immortal flesh
Let our blood mingle
then we'll mesh
Pale skin shines forth
Obeymy commands
I am your master
Through me you are dammned
See the moon rise
Heart beats like a drum
Drink a little deeper
For this mortals time is done
Seize the hold the night
Grasp it in thy hand
For our hourglass
Shall never drain of sand
Yes we are the immortals
We live through your veins
Yet we are misunderstood
For there is ecstasy not pain


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