Member Update, March 24, 2006

Posted Mar 23, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have made a few cosmetic changes to the site this week. Most obvious is a new logo for the site—we decided to give the site a little more flair with a more colorful logo. Some artists have encouraged us to make the framework of the site more visually appealing.

While we always want to make the site more appealing and easy-to-use, we don’t want the site itself to distract from the work of the artists on the site. The content that our artists and writers add is what gives the site life—and member artwork should always be the focus of our site.

We have also added a new FAQ article explaining why newly added images do not immediately appear on all pages; while new images always appear with the articles to which they are associated, the will only appear in topic directories once reviewed by a site administrator. This is a built-in quality-control feature of the site that keeps certain types of images from appearing on directory pages. To read more details, login to the site and go to

Otherwise, there is nothing else to report about the site. New members are joining daily, so remember to go to to see latest members and all recent articles.

On a final note, we would like input from our members on possible new features for the site. Mail any suggestions to