February 22, 2006 Member Update

Posted Feb 21, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have made a couple small upgrades to the site in the last few weeks. All these upgrades have been security upgrades—one of which actually blocked new membership unintentionally for a couple weeks.

The major upgrade that will affect existing members is a new username and password policy. For security reasons, all new members will require alphanumeric usernames and passwords—meaning that spaces and special characters are no longer valid for your accounts.

Current members can still use their current values for logging in, but whenever you update your account information you will be prompted to use new usernames and passwords if they do not conform to the new standard.

We will be adding some updated information on the site’s FAQ page in the next few weeks to accommodate upgrades that have changed some of the forms on the site since the FAQs were written.