Spammers from Lagos

Posted Jan 7, 2006
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
On January 8, 2006 a spamming organization from Lagos sent over a dozen spam emails to members on the Artistic Network. We have taken measures to block this group; members should take some time to learn about the built-in anti-spam features that the Artistic has to stop further occurences.

Because of our anti-spam turing images, all emails coming from the Artistic Network are manually created--so-called spam bots are incapable of sending emails and guestbook posts because of random images that include text and numbers that must be copied by a human in order to post.

The server also has an integrated anti-spam filtering system. This system will block many and most emails not relating to arts. Unfortunately, it will not stop all spam.

If a dedicated person (or group) manually types in emails, they will likely get some past our filters.

Each member has the ability to filter emails and guestbook posts with an Anti-Spam filter controls available when logged in. This spam control allows members to customize their own filters that augment the server-wide anti-spam controls.

We believe that the spammers responsible for todays batch of emails were part of a Nigerian, Lagos and/or other African country scam ring. The group formerly used names such as "mugu maga" to identify themselves as they scoured the internet for email addresses. The owner of the Artistic Network, Shawn Olson, has been studying this group for a few years; he has been developing systems to fight this group and its Nigerian Scam.

Be Aware: Never take scam emails seriously. All internet users need to educate themselves about the scams circulating the internet. Do not ever send money or information to any group from Nigeria, Lagos or other African country asking for a haven for funds belonging to lost relatives, politicians, etc.

Members interested in learning more about Olson's past development against these types of spam should read Stopping Mugu Maga. We also highly recommend that all readers learn about Nigeria - The 419 Coalition.

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