New Marketing Tools for Artists

Posted Dec 18, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We want to announce the latest upgrades for our member artists. With the upgrade in November that allows artists to maintain their own artistic newsletter email list, we anticipated a surge of use; we were a little disappointed that members are slow to use this new powerful tool.

One suggestion we took to heart from some members was the ability to collect subscribers via forms on their own websites. As such, we have built the functionality on our site for artists to get HTML code that allows members to paste into their own web pages and maintain their email list.

This functionality is only available to members that have already agreed to our newsletter policies.

We have also added two other tools for artists to add to their web pages that will make maintaining fresh content easy. One is HTML code that will display your latest articles (on our site) in an iframe. The display also contains a search form that will only bring up results authored by you. This will make it easy for artists who have little time to learn HTML to keep their websites fresh with new content by adding articles with our site’s easy-to-use article publishing forms. Simply log in to our site, add an article, and voila! Your site will also have the new article listed on your pages.

The third tool is a hit counter that links back to your artist profile. The hit counter increments once on each page view that includes your hit counter. Your hit counter is automatically places on your profile page, all your articles and on each event page. When someone views your profile, the hit counter on your website will increment by one; vice versa—when someone views the hit counter on your website, the hit counter on your articles, profile and events will increment. It’s a way for you to judge how much traffic your own little Artistic Network is getting.

Note that the values date back to December 18, 2005.

We hope that artists start using these tools because they will further increase the value of our site; furthermore, we believe that they will add functionality to your own sites by creating dynamic content.

To access these tools, simply login and click the My HTML Tools in your control panel.