Posted Nov 5, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
The fashion industry continues to recapture lost eras and are successful because people have experienced it. The auto industry recaptures the VW Bug, because people experienced it. The experience of God’s peace and comfort needs to “come-back” in the art industry.

A lost art, art executed through faith. To be so rare today, while once a form of worship. Artwork was once thought of as sacred in the church, but most art is now regarded as secular, even worse - anti-Christian. Have your ever walked into a church filled with paintings, stain glass, tapestry and sculptures and found your senses overwhelmed along with your soul being moved in inexpressible ways? No one can capture the image of God, nor should we, but a Christian artist can inspire deeper reverence and worship through the Holy Spirit’s inspiration. Michelangelo, being one of the first to do so, made such an impact on art and history to this day. Inspired art brings an awareness of God through the canvas painted for His Glory.

While most artists are trying to create an art piece to market, Bonnie Brooks creates a mirror for God’s creation, natural beauty. The very art of capturing that beauty is created by God. Without violence or sensation, just a reflection of deity through someones eyes and hands.

Bonnie states, “I am a realistic artist because I enjoy painting what I can see - God’s perfect creation. I want my art to give people an experience - not shock them. The experience of finding God’s peace and His comforting Spirit that touches me creating such reflections.”

Most artists attempt creativity by way of atmosphere, time of day or location. The opportunity for creativity is all around everyday. The beauty seen in the grain of wood in your dinning room table is a testimony to the Almighty Creator. The ability to reflect it is created by God.

Bonnie explains, “I see my paintings as coming from God. Sometimes I just marvel at what reaches my hand and flows through my brush. I pray that when I paint God’s glory will be shown through the abilities He gave me. My work is a ministry, not just a beautiful painting. Viewing art should not cause nightmares or confuse the mind. Viewing God’s creations, that bring about peace and comfort in an already troubled and busy world is an experience. My desire is that my paintings exalt God’s creation and order, to stop and see life in everything so perfectly created, that you would be blesses every time you viewed it.

To experience impressionistic paintings that show depth in color and tranquility of the life God intended for us, view Bonnie Brooks’ paintings and detailed explanations of her work on her web site. She believes that the beauty will inspire you! Enjoy the peace of God’s creation.


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