Member Update August 2, 2005

Posted Sep 1, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We want to update all our members on the status of the website. A couple weeks ago our server started experiencing major problems that caused a significant amount of downtime. It took a while for our technical support team to get to the bottom of the problem.

Problems turned out to be hardware-related. We have migrated to a brand new machine. The new server is more powerful than the previous, and we have made strides to upgrade the database system for better efficiency. We anticipate that we will operate smoothly from here on out.

It may be possible that some image files were lost in the transition, although we were careful to get all images. Each member should take some time to view their profiles and articles to make sure that their images are present. If an image is missing, we suggest that you click the “delete” image for the missing image and then reload that image.

We have some further upgrades slated for the next month that will allow members to manage their own newsletters with automated mailing lists. This will further increase the value of this site for artists intent on marketing themselves.

We hope that all our members help spread the word about our site by placing links on their sites and informing co-workers about us. Each new member on the site increases our value to art lovers around the world.