August 24, 2005 Member Update

Posted Aug 23, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
There have been some things going on with our site that members ought to know. First and foremost, we have been experiencing major problems on our server over the last week. There was a period of 34 hours last week when we were down altogether as a new hard drive was installed on the server. This problem, coincidentally, happened the same day that a major worm knocked out servers and networks around the world. The problems we are having, however, are unrelated to those problems, as the new worm affects only certain Windows servers; our server runs on Linux.

We believe that our issue is hardware related. But until we have gotten to the bottom of the issue, the site may continue to experience short outages.

In other news, there have been a couple small changes to forms on the site. With our recent efforts to make the site more accessible to non-visual browsers, we have been changing the way many form functions work/look. The latest change is the layout of the member profile form. The fields have not changed, but they have been rearranged and grouped differently. We will probably do some aesthetic work to the form yet, but that will have to wait until we have sorted out our server problems.