Member Update August 9, 2005

Posted Aug 8, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have added various upgrades to the site this week. Most of the upgrades focus on accessibility. We are making a deliberate effort to make the site accessible to non-visual browsers and disabled visitors/members.

There is a new setting that members can set in their account profiles called “Accessibility”. This controls the way that content is presented to your browser. If the site appears well in your browser, there is no need to experiment with this option. However, you can set this flag to make your experience more convenient if visiting with a non-standard browser.

In other news we have featured three member artists in some new promotional graphics on the site. We have featured Steve Morvell, Carol Andre’ and Linda Herzog. If you get some time to view these artists’ profiles, consider leaving them an appreciative comment in their guestbooks for their fine work.

Last for this week, we want to let everyone know that we are not completely done with our projected accessibility upgrades. There may be times over the next week or two where some functions may seem quirky as we test programs to work in all browsing environments. Please be patient with us.

There are some non-accessibility-related upgrades slated for this summer that will further increase the tools and options each member has for promoting their work. We hope that you all enjoy them; and we hope you help spread the word about the Artistic Network.