Messenger the Raven

Posted Aug 1, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Messenger the Raven

A raven came to me this morning --
For what I could not say.
His dark eyes looked upon me,
Inviting me to play.
He did not tease me, or take care
That I, a simple human,
Could not take flight and join him
In his dance up in the air.
His magic and his mystery
To me he tries to give.
I listen closely and I learn
of the world in which we live.
To travel in the darkness
And bring back a speck of light,
Is what the raven's telling me --
It's mans eternal plight.
A raven came to me this morning --
For what? I think I know.
Listen closely to the raven
... for his magick he will show!

-- T. Pruitt 1998

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