July 30, 2005 Member Update

Posted Jul 29, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have made a major upgrade to the site this week that affects members’ and visitors’ ability to control the type of content that they view on the site. After a recent article was loaded with some images that are offensive to many people, we have decided to finish our parental control and viewing preference function.

You now have a new set of checkboxes in your account details page that specifies kinds of content that you want to block. There are currently three options in that box that will allow you to automatically block any content that matches your restrictions.

Visitors too have the option of restricting the same content with a Viewing Preference Page linked at the right side of every page as “Preferences”. So long as cookies are enabled on visitors’ browsers, the site will hide any content they feel is inappropriate.

While members can use the Preferences page, you should always use your account details page if you intend to keep the preferences across visits—since your preferences return to that of your account settings each time you log in.

This new change also alerts visitors of the possibly inappropriate content in listing pages, as well as directs them to the preference page below any article that contains content that may be inappropriate.

Some members may feel that we should simply delete all offensive content. Certainly, the artwork in question that led to this new upgrade is highly offensive to many viewers, we decided not to delete it simply because we are not censors, and the article does not infringe on our terms and conditions.

In other news, our site is now starting to spread on its own. We have done very little promotion in the last few weeks, but still we have members in 42 countries around the globe.

You can always see a list of latest members at www.artisticnetwork.net/new_artists.php .

We hope that everyone continues to use our tools to promote their art and creative vision with the world. Our music features, especially, have not been realized by our musical members.