July 18, 2005 Member Update

Posted Jul 17, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have added a couple minor upgrades to the site. The Article Search now includes an option to limit articles to those that have been selected as “Featured” on the site. Such articles now also contain an icon denoting featured status.

We have also added that feature icon to artists who’s profiles have been selected as featured members as well.

Finally, we have added a page with code to copy so that our artists can easily add links to the Artistic Network from their websites. Unlike most free sites, we do not require our members to link to us; but the more links we have, the better the site becomes. We only added a couple examples, but we are sure to add more in the future.

One idea we have had is for some of our members to create some banner links for the site that we can use on the links page. Any member wishing to do so should create graphics and load them to the site in an article under the “Design and Layout” topic group and send us an email.