June 27 Member Update

Posted Jun 26, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We just loaded a new upgrade to the events search. Visitors can now limit their searches by topic (such as “Sculpture”, “Mixed Media”, etc) when searching for events. We have also added upcoming event lists to articles that belong to the same topic as an article and have been posted by the article’s author. This means that if you create an “Oil Painting” event and also load an “Oil Painting” article (by selecting “Oil Painting” as the primary topic of the article), the article will automatically include a link to that event so long as the event is still in the future. Once the event date passes, the link will disappear.

In other news we have added a tutorial on adding Guest Icons to accounts. Many members have emailed us over the last few weeks regarding Guest Icons. You can now read instructions and explanations on Guest Icons when logged in and going to the Frequently Asked Question page or doing an article search for “Guest Icon”.

Finally, we want to ask members to help out with our project by spreading the word in any way possible. This could be by telling your artistic associates about us, adding links from websites, and using the features on the site more. Adding more articles, images and events is important, as it increases the viability of the site and brings in fresh visitors as well as repeat visitors. We have put a lot of time into developing this site, and we hope that artists learn to take advantage of all the powerful tools we offer.