Posted Jun 18, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Amorphous  Oil  1983
Sci-Fi man on beast...acrylic 1983
Dark Sky  oil 1982
little aliens   oil  1997

Once you ride the dragon
And the earth falls fast away,
Leaving one's senses only,
Future's past returned to stay.
A purple sphere of splendor
A tale of stars within,
Galactic forces transforming
As a gallant rides the spin.

A reflective curve crystalizes
Changing waves to silent flow
Spiraling deftly inward
As form begins to grow.
Multiplicity lending curls of color
Fast and bright.
Sending messages of tranquility
Deep into the night.

Silver was the casting
Of the seven stars that shine
While an indigo sky
Upturns the eye.
Brightens freely,
Swift facets running infinite range
Over nature's design.

Blue winged Pegasus,
Orion's steed,
Setting the pace.
Plunging downwards through
Shifting galactic cores.

Starbursts coursing boldly
As distance
Echoes the vast chambers of space.

Winds of woven instinct.
Intersecting lines are thrown
Catching and uplifting light
As sweetly as pure tones.
Relaying patterns yawn
As truths dance timelessly
Amidst gossamer webs at dawn.

Across wind blown acres,
Over sunlight skies.
Sheafs of delight
Touch the laughter of eyes.
Rays of enchantment
A brazier of time.
Spells woven softly,
This heart tale of thine.

Dragons in hiding,
Yet soaring in might.
Patient and soothing,
Sound stroking sight.


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Hubble telescope photo of mars

Hubble photo of Mars...courtesy of Nasa and STScI