Member Update - May 9, 2005

Posted May 8, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have further developed the parental control integration on the site. Teachers and parents wanting to use the site as a resource but wanting to limit the content should install ICRAplus onto their computers. We have links and information about this on our Parental Controls page.

We are not absolutely done with our parental control options, but overall the system is close to its final implementation. Essentially, any page with content that may be inappropriate for some visitors such as children and students now has a label in the header of the page that alerts browsers using ICRA content rating.

We are also developing member browsing preferences that will allow our adult members filter content they too wish to avoid. While we have standards for the content allowed on the site, there may be some members who wish to avoid permitted content that other members wish to see.

In other news, we now have members from 29 countries around the world. New membership slowed down this week as we were more focused on development than marketing to new artists. We do hope that our current members will help get out the word so that new talents know about us.

We are still working on a bug afflicting some people on the sign-in form, as well as developing features for the recent music page.

Members (you) are encouraged to let us know what kind of new features you would like to see developed! Don?t be shy. Send us an email.