May 2, 2005 Member Update

Posted May 1, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
We have only been actively promoting the Artistic Network site for just over a week now, and already we are getting more than a dozen new talented artists joining every day. There are currently members in 19 countries around the world. We are excited about the reception that we are getting.

We are trying to add new features as fast as we can, but our small team of programmers can only tackle so many projects at a time. Among the newest features added this week were the addition of the Text Format Tool, a Browser Compatibility & Troubleshooting page, and a page to list artists who have recently added music to the site. You can learn more about any of these new features with the links below.

One of the unforeseen issues we have been forced to deal with lately is potential members refraining from joining our site because they think that ?this is too good to be true? there has to be a catch.? We have received multiple emails with this concern? artists are wondering if there are hidden membership fees. As anyone receiving this member update knows, artists who are on the Artistic Network directory don?t pay for their membership.

We have tried to explain in our Frequently Asked Questions page how the site works and how it is funded. Currently all funding comes from the Google Ads at the top of all pages. We also include a link to our affiliate Corel at the bottom of all outgoing site emails (such as this one). When we start sending out our monthly newsletter (probably sometime in June or July), we may have 2-4 sponsors included with the newsletter. (This email is a member update, not the newsletter.)

While we intend to turn this site into a profitable venture, our strategy is not like other sites. We believe that we can offer this site as a free service to members because we know that the quality of its design and features will ensure that we get enough traffic to pay off in the long run. We set our standards so high that we expect this site to become the first place anyone comes to promote their art in the coming months and years.

Some of the things that set us apart from other sites:
  • Free Membership
  • Advanced, Integrated Database
  • No Link Exchange Requirements
  • Helpful Documentation
  • Administrators who are both artists and true web developers

Among some of the areas of the site that have sparse documentation are Administering Your Guestbook and Maintaining Friends/Associates. We are adding some new information in the next week or two to help members use and administer these tools.

Other News

We have update the Terms and Conditions; updates include limitations on the links that members may put in their profiles and articles (simply stating that target links must also abide by the terms of our site content). We also clarified what people will receive in the newsletter as many people have been concerned about that.

Further Development
Our next focus is to expand on parental controls on this site. Our intention is to make this site a resource that anyone of any age can come see; and we want to protect the wants of parents while not censoring artistic expression.

We already have some built-in parental control features run by administrators. We are looking for feedback and ideas from our members on this issue, as well as any other issues that come to mind.