Freelance Children's Book/General/Fashion/Editorial Illustrator available for work in any sector.

Posted Apr 30, 2005
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
Moomike Geckoworks
Easter Bear

Mike Garton achieved a BA (Honours) in illustration for children's publishing, writing and illustrating original children's books as well as branching out into general, magazine, editorial, entertainment and fashion illustration as part of his natural progression into the wider creative community.

Michael "MooMike" Garton is an efficient and reliable timekeeper, offering punctual and reliable, professional art services at all times and adapts quickly to a project's developing requirements. He works digitally using a combination of Vector/Texture techniques to take a corporate, editorial or entertainment project from conceptualization to actualization, efficiently and rapidly achieving fresh, spontaneous results.

Mike says: "I look forward to working with you; just call or email with the details of your project?s creative needs!"


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