My thoughts on art.

Posted Feb 4, 2011
Last Updated Jun 21, 2012
The world of art is one of great imagination and self-discovery. I have always been drawn to the creative aspects of live, and I just knew, form a very young age, that I wanted  to create works of art. I took some art classes and even studied a little art in college but it did not feel right; however, I am not saying art school is a bad choice. Quite frankly there are many things that a young aspiring artist can learn as he or she follows the direction of an artist mentor. I just knew that I did not want an art degree. I was way more interested in the ancient world, history, and politics, yet all these topics are under the umbrella of the humanities so in actuality they are artistic. I also realized when I sold my first painting that I did not need to go to school to develop my natural talent; but, again, I state that this was my personal choice. I have sold over ten pieces as a professional artist and look forward to selling many more throughout my life. And though many of my previous works are dissimilar to my new projects, I still consider them parts of my soul and building blocks that have led me to where I am now. Unfortunately, I am not as disciplined as some artist may be but when I do create, it can be prolific. Basically, I'll sum it up, if I am not feeling the 'vibe' to paint why force it, why create an art piece that you are not fully invested in; just seems like a waste of time. I have added a few links to some decent books that help me study the human form. Take a look at them and you decide whether they would be helpful or not. 


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